About Move Colorado

Move Colorado: Committed to Investing in Transportation Infrastructure

For more than 25 years Move Colorado, an organization of committed transportation funding advocates, has been at the forefront of the policy debate regarding how best to increase financial resources to support our vast and diverse transportation system.   Move Colorado is not a lobbying organization;  it is an organization of private industry affiliates that strives to provide information; sponsor education programs; and work with community, business, and political leaders to improve Colorado’s transportation funding outlook.

In 2021, with insight from our membership, the Executive Board updated the Mission and Vision Statements for Move Colorado and created Committees to focus on specific goals and tasks.

Near-Term Mission

Advance financial solutions for a Colorado multi-modal transportation system that promotes economic viability and an improved quality of life.

Long-Term Vision

To enhance the quality of life for citizens of Colorado through an efficient, connected and sustainable multi-modal transportation system.


Move Colorado Committees

Members can engage with Move Colorado through our monthly education programing with presentations from guest speakers who are directly involved with transportation policy at the local, state and federal level. Move Colorado also has committees which allow members an opportunity to play a role in shaping the organization.
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Move Colorado Committees

Operations & Finance – Jeff Kullman, Chair
Membership – Michelle Hoysick & Ed Parks, Co-Chairs
Policy – Carla Perez, Chair

Move Colorado is an organization of private industry affiliates that strives to provide information; sponsor education programs; and work with community, business, and political leaders to improve Colorado’s transportation funding outlook.

You can help! Get involved in one of our four committees:

Transportation funding is allocated by our state and federal elected leaders, so engaging with the  General Assembly and Congressional Delegation is  vital.  Join this Committee to help Move Colorado follow proposed legislation or ballot initiatives and advocate for a steady stream of transportation funding.

This Committee needs people to: write letters of support to state and federal legislators, follow the progress of transportation funding bills and provide written summaries to the Board, assist in crafting Move Colorado position statements, follow media coverage of transportation-related policy, follow trends, network with regional and state transportation leaders, and research competing political agendas.  

Move Colorado’s power is in its people, and the organization’s goal is to double its membership. Join this Committee to forge new relationships and help diversify our membership base.

This Committee needs people to: help recruit new members from engineering firms, contractor firms, trucking associations, rideshare companies, and heavy freight movers; chambers of commerce and economic development organizations; brainstorm membership incentives; and help determine ways to keep members engaged.

This committee is the background to all of Move Colorado’s forward-facing efforts. Join this Committee to help with all of the behind-the-scenes work necessary for success including, budgeting, recording the history of the organization and more.

This Committee needs people to:  Review the budget and ensure operational excellence.

Colorado General Assembly

Colorado Transportation Resources

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Commission

Regional Transportation District (RTD) Board

Denver Regional Council of Governments

North Front Range Council of Governments

Pikes Peak Council of Governments

Grand Valley MPO (GVMPO)

Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG)

Rural Transportation Planning Organizations

Central Front Range (CFR) – administered by Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG)

Gunnison Valley (GV) – administered by Region 10 League for Economic Assistance and Planning

San Luis Valley (SLV) – administered by the San Luis Valley Development Resources Group (SLVDRG)

South Central (SC) – administered by South Central Council of Governments (SCCOG)

Southeast (SE) – administered by Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development (SECED)

Southwest (SW) – administered by the Southwest Colorado Council of Governments (SWCCOG)

Planning Resources

Statewide MPO (SWMPO) Meeting Summaries

Rural Planning Assistance (RPA) Program Guide


Planning Statutes, Regulations, and Guidance

MPO & Regional Planning Liaison Contacts

13,000 jobs are created with each $1 billion in public infrastructure funding.

Did You Know: Colorado Transportation Facts

The average Colorado driver spends 2 days per year sitting in traffic.