Letter of Support – HB23-1101

February 16, 2023

The Honorable Jennifer Bacon Colorado General Assembly Denver, Colorado 80203

The Honorable Faith Winter Colorado General Assembly Denver, Colorado 80203


Dear Representatives Vigil, Bacon and Senator Winter,

Thank you for your leadership as a member of the Colorado General Assembly. We appreciate your effort and commitment to the citizens of our state.

I write today to share Move Colorado’s support of HB23-1101 – Ozone Season Transit Grant Program Flexibility. We were pleased to see the bill moved swiftly through the House of Representatives and is currently under consideration by the Senate Transportation Committee. Move Colorado supported SB22- 180 last session, and have monitored the findings of the initial “Free Fare” transit pilot with great interest. We fully support the language included in HB23-1101, which will address any challenges with the initial program and allow it to continue to grow.

Further, we support the amendment that addresses Regional Transportation Authorities (RTAs). As noted in Move Colorado’s Policy Principles (attached), our organization believes that tools like RTAs are important, and having an opportunity to ask voters for their support of funding transportation projects is of value. These modifications to the RTA statute are reasonable as they “sharpen” a tool in the transportation funding toolbox and maintain the voter’s ultimate decision making regarding raising revenue.

Please do not hesitate to use Move Colorado’s name as a supporter of this legislation, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director at tamra.ward@movecolorado.org.

Warm Regards,

Kara Swanson
Board Chair, Move Colorado