Weekly Update: Move Colorado’s 2022 Policy Positions

Each week during the 120 day session of the Colorado General Assembly the Move Colorado Policy Committee will meet and review proposed legislation that intersects with transportation. Recommendations to support or oppose a measure will be made to the Board of Directors. The Board will review and take action within 72 hours, with positions published following their deliberation.

Below are Move Colorado’s positions as of January 26, 2022. Click the bill name for a PDF summary.



HB22-1026 – S. Bird (D)/D. Woog (R)/C. Hansen (D)/L. Liston (R)

Bill Title: Concerning the replacement of the Income Tax Deduction for amounts spent by an employer to provide alternative transportation options to employees with an income tax credit for amounts spent by an employer for that purpose.

Rationale for Support: Bipartisan legislation crafted by Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning Tax Policy. Tax credits are seen as a strong incentive approach. May advance multi-modal transportation use.



SB22-16 – R. Scott (R)

Bill Title: Concerning the governance of the Department of Transportation, and, in connection therewith, modifying the number of members and manner in which members are selected for the Transportation Commission and requiring the Transportation Commission to select the Executive Director of the Department of Transportation.

Rationale for Opposition: Utilizing Congressional Districts to determine representation versus the current Transportation Commission District approach is likely harmful to rural and outstate communities, as it reduces the number of Commissioners by two. Additionally, making these commission roles elected vs. appointed inserts politics into transportation policy, and into a body that has historically worked in a collaborative fashion to address the state’s transportation needs. Further, The Colorado Department of Transportation is a statewide agency and a member of the Executive Branch. Governors should have the ability to appoint members of their cabinet.

SB22-48 – R. Scott (R)

Bill Title: Concerning the improvement of the Dispute Review Board stage of the process used to resolve contractual disputes between contractors and the Department of Transportation.

Rationale for Opposition: CDOT is currently in the process of revising and improving the dispute review systems it utilizes. This includes a 50 state best practice study of other DOTs and a 7-state deep dive to gain insight to the approach that will best serve Colorado. CDOT should be given the time to complete its work and implement its findings/new approach. Additionally, this proposal inserts legislative oversight in a highly technical area that requires industry knowledge and expertise.

SB22-74 – R. Scott (R)

Bill Title: Concerning monitoring of the use of procurement methods other than traditional design bid build procurement for transportation projects.

Rationale for Opposition: This legislation is unnecessary. SB21-260 included a number of significant changes in the alternative delivery approach CDOT utilizes, putting in place a new standard operating procedure. This process should be allowed to move forward. Further, adding legislators to a procurement process, through the creation of the Committee outlined in the legislation, may add a level of politics into a process that is highly technical in nature.