January 11 Member Meeting

Presentation from Darcy Kitching: Good Things Come in Small Packages: Unwrapping the Shift Towards a More Compact Future

Thank you to Parsons for hosting!

Notes by Mary Catherine Carroll, Move Colorado Board Secretary

Move Colorado // Parsons Offices (18th Street)  

11:45 AM – Danielle Smith/Eugene begins 

11:50 AM – Intros 

  • 20ish people here in person 

11:54 AM – Darcy Kitching (darcy@bouldertc.org) begins presentation – “Good Things Come in Small Packages 

Ms. Kitching introduces herself 

“We are here to talk about the connections between transportation and land use.” – D.K. 

“Let’s talk about this shift that is very real right now in our legislation to make connections between these massive projects and our day-to-day.” – D.K. 

Talks about DDP’s Viva Streets from this past summer. “We are wanting to rethink a lot of our places.” – D.K. 

Talks about her walking/exploration group in Boulder. 

D.K. turns it over to the room – “What does this idea of thinking small mean to you? How do you see CO changing where you live and work?” 

Responses from the room:

  • FRPR 
  • Littleton High School (feels a little nerve-wracking to send students there considering the roadways nearby)  
  • The trails that we build, are they next to growing highways? Designing things for all users (pedestrians) in mind to garner actual usage. What is the quality of experience?  
  • Indianapolis Urban Trail Dev. // 5280 Trail (DEN//DDP) 

D.K. discusses the current policy and planning innovations going on in CO. (Reference slide deck “Colorado is Changing”) 

“How can we make transit reliable when RTD is not funded by the state?” – D.K. 

S. Lew (CDOT ED) focused on bringing in innovative planning efforts to the state (Land use and transportation). 

D.K. continues going through her slides (reference slide deck for details). 

“Planning for the Smallest Community Members Benefits Everyone.” 

D.K. discusses the great interest of CO students to be able to walk or ride their bike to school.  

12:35 PM – D.K. ends her presentation  

12:35 PM – Q/A session begins 

12:53 PM – D.K. ends Q/A session 

12:54 PM – Meetings ends   **All quotes are paraphrased and not to be taken as exact** 

Notes were recorded by Move Colorado Board Secretary Mary Catherine Carroll of Civil Technology