Weekly Update: Move Colorado’s 2022 Policy Positions

Each week during the 120 day session of the Colorado General Assembly the Move Colorado Policy Committee will meet and review proposed legislation. Per the organization’s newly adopted Policy Engagement Process the Committee will provide recommendations for the Board to consider for ratification within 72 hours. Below you will find actions to date.

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New This Week


SB22-035 – R. Rodriguez

Bill Title: Concerning the occupational accident insurance coverage that independent contractors of carriers may acquire pursuant to standards set by the Division of Insurance.

Bill Summary:  Under current law, common carriers and contract carriers may use independent contractors for transportation services. The contract must provide for coverage under either workers’ compensation or an occupational accident insurance policy that provides “similar coverage” to that available under workers’ compensation. “Similar coverage” must meet or exceed standards set by the division of insurance and is defined to require benefits that are at least comparable to the benefits offered under the workers’ compensation system. The bill amends the definition of “similar coverage” by repealing this “comparable benefits” requirement.

Rationale for Support: This bill is clean up legislation, providing clarification around the provision of a measure passed in 2018 (SB18-178) which defined occupational accident insurance as being similar to coverage to workers compensation. Safety for all those on our roadways is critical to a sound transportation system. Ensuring independent contractors in the trucking industry – who are often an owner/operator – have access to affordable insurance options increases the likelihood of their participation in obtaining coverage, providing a higher level of protection and safety for all.