Weekly Update: Move Colorado’s 2022 Policy Positions

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Oppose/Seeking Amendments

HB22-1138 – Gray/Herod & Winter/Hansen

Bill Title: Concerning the creation of programs to reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicle commuter trips by improving access to alternative transportation.

Bill Summary: For income tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2023, but before January 1, 2030, the bill creates an income tax credit (tax credit) for any employer that: click here to read more.

Rationale for Oppose/Seeking Amendments: Move Colorado believes in actively promoting the use of a multi-model transportation system, and supports a voluntary-based approach that incentivizes both employers to promote, and employees to consider, all modes of transportation as they look to commute to work.  As introduced, HB22-1138 includes a list of mandated actions for all employers with more than 100 employees.  Sponsors have shared their intent is for this program to be voluntary.  Move Colorado seeks the bill be amended, removing any mandates. Should that occur the organization would consider support.