Weekly Update: Move Colorado’s 2022 Policy Positions

Each week during the 120 day session of the Colorado General Assembly the Move Colorado Policy Committee will meet and review proposed legislation. Per the organization’s newly adopted Policy Engagement Process the Committee will provide recommendations for the Board to consider for ratification within 72 hours. Below you will find actions to date.

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New This Week


HB22-1059 – M. Soper/J. Sonneberg

Bill Title: Concerning a requirement that any bill that imposes, increases or authorize the imposition of a fee be approved by two-thirds vote of all members elected to each House of the Colorado General Assembly to become law.

Bill Summary: The bill creates a requirement that any legislation that imposes a new fee, authorizes the imposition of a new fee, increases an existing fee, or authorizes the increase of an existing fee be approved by a two-thirds vote of all members elected to each house of the General Assembly to become law. Applying a historical lens, no fee that has been adopted by the General Assembly (specific to transportation the FASTER fee) would have passed with this new threshold requirement.

Rationale: The Policy Committee will continue to watch this piece of legislation, considering action based on the measure’s status following its first committee hearing.