Move Colorado’s 2023 Policy Positions

Every other week during the 120 day session of the Colorado General Assembly the Move Colorado Policy Committee meets and reviews proposed legislation that intersects with transportation. Recommendations to support or oppose a measure will be made to the Board of Directors. The Board will review and take action within 72 hours, with positions published following their deliberation.

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HB23-1101 – Vigil (D)/Bacon (D)/Winter (D)

Bill Title: A bill for an Act concerning support for transit, and, in connection therewith, increasing the flexibility of the ozone season transit grant program and increasing opportunities for transit agency participation in regional transportation planning.


Rationale for support: The Policy Committee supported legislation passed in 2022 (SB22-180) which created the Free Fare Transit pilot program. This legislation (HB23-1101) includes tweaks that address challenges with the initial program and allows it to continue/perhaps grow.


An amendment to the bill addresses Regional Transportation Authorities (RTAs) – increasing the maximum amount of sales or use tax an RTA may approach voters for through a ballot campaign from 1 to 2 precent.  Further, it removes a provision of current law that sunsets (in 2029) a RTA’s ability to ask voters for the use of up to 5 mill levy funds, making this option standard.


As noted in Move Colorado’s Policy Principles, our organization believes that tools like RTAs are important, and having an opportunity to ask voters for their support of funding transportation projects is of value. These modifications to the RTA statute are reasonable as they “sharpen” a tool in the transportation funding toolbox and maintain the voter’s ultimate decision making regarding raising revenue.


Level of Engagement: Letter of support to bill sponsors that they may use.